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Update on Aislynn | A Personal Post

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So, I thought I’d share a quick update on where we are currently at with Aislynn and her muscle and joint situation. You can read my first post about it HERE.

Aislynn had her MRI in the beginning of February, and it was definitely one of the scariest, most nerve-wracking things I think I have ever experienced. I held my sweet girl in my arms as they placed the face mask over her mouth and held it until she went limp and fell asleep. I was extremely grateful for the staff and nurses in the room with me because my own tears were falling and I began to feel weak, just at the thought of my girl having to be be asleep and be sedated for this. They quickly grabbed her to prep her IV in and get her MRI going, and I had to stand out of the room and just wait. Time dragged on, but eventually they brought her out, and I had never been happier to see her.

She did a great job with the MRI; she woke up, she was happy to see me, and the rest of the day carried on about as normally as it could have.

A week later, and after many frustrating phone calls to the doctor’s office, I finally heard back, and they informed me that what they saw in the MRI was consistent with what they saw in inflammatory issues like JRA (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis), also known as JIA (Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis) because there isn’t a known cause. I think that’s the number one thing that is so frustrating for me and for my husband to grasp…that they don’t know WHY she may have this thing. We don’t know HOW it started or WHY it’s happening to our little girl.

The doctor let us know our next step was to make an appointment with a rheumatologist and start looking at what we can do to treat and combat this. She hasn’t been officially diagnosed; we may get that next week at our appointment…but it’s looking like that’s what it is because she tested negative for all of the other things it could have been, like Lyme.

I’m hoping that our appointment next week will be a bit of a turning point….that it will get a game plan going, and that we can begin to really help Aislynn improve her joint pain and stiffness. We are getting more concerned, because now it seems to be affecting her left ankle as well.

I just want to thank all of our family, friends, and everyone else who has been asking about Aislynn and praying for her! Please know that we so appreciate it, and I’m sure I’ll update everyone once again after our appointment next week!


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  • Teresa Arthur

    Bethanne, Leon and I had no idea about this. Thanks for posting. We will definitely be praying!!ReplyCancel

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