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Saying No to an Inbox Full of Junk | Tips

Saying “No” to an Inbox Full of Junk | Tips + Tricks to Save Valuable Time

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Over the last couple of weeks, I have attended a few online educational courses and webinars, like the first Rising Tide Society Summit and “A Joyful 2016” with Lara Casey and Emily Ley – two seriously awesome mama boss ladies who rock it out in their businesses, and as moms at home. Lara was also a speaker during the Summit, and what she said about saying no to certain things so that you can say yes to others, especially things that will make you happier and allow you spend more time with your kids, husband, and friends, really resonated with me. She stressed the importance of thinking into the future at where we would like to be at 80 years old, and so many of us thought or said, “With our families…traveling…doing the things we loved.” Not one person said checking emails, scrolling through social media, or anything that really had to with some of the stuff that can suck up our most valuable time and take us away from the things that matter most to us.

Lara really inspired me to think about the things I plan to say no to in the coming year(s). I really want to say no to an inbox full of junk. I want to say no to checking my phone first thing in the morning, just to find 60, 70+ junk emails sitting in my inbox. I then have to go through and delete those emails, and really, I could be spending that time elsewhere! During the webinar with Lara and Emily, they mentioned this great website called I had never heard of it, but they said how you can easily unsubscribe from the various websites and email newsletters your email is attached to with just a few clicks. I was immediately intrigued, and I had to check it out for myself…

Y’all, I was SHOCKED. I put in my personal email address and this website found 170+ (!!!) subscriptions that I was receiving emails for. I knew it was time to let to go of all of these, and I cannot tell you how much better it feels to check my email (in the late morning now!) and not see 60 something junk emails sitting there just waiting to be deleted. A few junk emails may still slip through; nothing’s truly perfect, but I am just so thankful for everyone who mentioned in that webinar, because I am saving myself so much time by not having to delete these emails….they are already gone! Out of sight, out of mind, right? What a timesaver, and a lifesaver!

So, now that I have found and love it, I had to share this with y’all! Are you like I was? Deleting hundreds of junk emails a day, especially if you’ve got more than one email account? Do yourself a huge favor and check it out! It’s SO easy to use, and it’s amazing the amount of (or lack of) junk emails that are in my inbox now!

Once you get to the site, you plug in your email info, and then the site will scroll through and give you a nice long, alphabetical list of the subscriptions you’ve got!

And oh man….did I mention this site is totally free?! tips and advice bethanne arthur photography

Go on now, get rid of all of those! tips and advice bethanne arthur photography
I would definitely recommend re-scanning a few times in the days and weeks after the initial one in order for to collect new data and sort through new emails; that way, you can ensure that you won’t keep receiving emails from those that do trickle through!

What’s also cool about is that you can add certain subscriptions to your “Rollup;” this means that you’ll still receive these emails, but they can come grouped together in one email in either the morning, afternoon, or evening (your choice!). You can quickly glance at multiple emails without having to go through and check them all! Another timesaver! tips and advice bethanne arthur photography

I hope that y’all check out this great tool, and let me know in the comments below how much you love it!

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  • Alicia

    Ew I had over 180!!!!! This little program is amazing, thank you for sharing this tip!ReplyCancel

  • Alicia Wiley

    Thanks for sharing this! Junk mail is my nemesis!ReplyCancel

  • Raygan

    OH MY GOODNESS BETHANNE! Thank you so much!! Such a life saver :)ReplyCancel

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